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K-PAK® RevitaLuxe™ This Changes Everything.
K-PAK® RevitaLuxe™ is the ultimate luxury treatment for dry, damaged hair from the leader in hair repair.  Repairs, restores, protects & hydrates hair.
K-PAK® RevitaLuxe™ spokesperson and Celebrity Hair Stylist George Papanikolas explains the benefits of K-PAK® RevitaLuxe™ in this short video.
K-PAK® RevitaLuxe™ is a breakthrough treatment for those seeking a luxurious restorative treatment that corrects hair damage.
K-PAK® RevitaLuxe™ corrects years of damage and prevents future hair damage. Hair instantly becomes stronger, softer, more moisturized, with improved elasticity.
K-PAK® RevitaLuxe™ is recommended for all hair types, including dry and damaged hair.  RevitaLuxe™ delivers complete restoration & hydration.